Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 13 and Get to Work Chickens!

Decided to go ahead and just do the "scarf as a belt" idea. I thought this was boring and plain and just looked like I didn't put any thought into this look. I surprisingly got not one, not two not three, but FOUR compliments! It just goes to show that adding an extra accessory really can change a whole look from boring to something after all. I really didn't think anyone would even notice the scarf. I think I've worn some cute outfits in the last two weeks and have gotten a couple of compliments. Never four though. If you are looking for a cute skinny belt scarf of your own, look no further! I found THIS gorgeous one at J.Jill! I'm loving the print and the fact that it's on sale!
In other news, I'm pretty excited to announce that my free loading chickens are about to earn their keep. On the way home from running errands this morning I stopped by the local farm to see what veggies and plants they had. I remembered that they usually sold fresh eggs so before I left I asked the owners about them since I didn't see any out . Turns out the person they usually got their eggs from is no longer selling so they were looking for someone new. Guess who that new person is going to be? ME! I'll be selling them around 5 to 6 dozen a week! I'm ridiculously too excited about this! Here's a picture of my beautiful eggs from yesterday and today 😆

Sunday, April 23, 2017

Day 12 and I am 1 in 8

You might have seen around Instagram or Facebook recently banners that say "I am 1 in 8". What does being one in eight mean? Well, it means that the poster is one out of eight couples that struggles with infertility. Today is the start of NIAW, National Infertility Awareness Week and as such I feel it is my duty to say that we too are 1 in 8. We started ttc, trying to conceive, after we were married in Jan 2008. After a year of trying we realized that something wasn't right and after numerous tests we found out that I have DOR, otherwise known as Diminished Ovarian Reserve. You can read more about our journey HERE, in my introduction post.

Chances are good that you know someone who is dealing with infertility or that you yourself are in the trenches now. Once I became open about our struggles I was amazed how many people I knew that were going through or had gone through this as well. Its such a suffocating thing to go through. The one thing you want with your whole heart is out of your reach and some days you are just drowning in heartache. It's an awful rollercoaster ride that doesn't just affect you, but your spouse and sometimes your whole family. Please read more on the Resolve page. THIS link will help educate you and provide some quick facts for you so you may better understand what your family member or friend may be going through.                          (read more under picture)
Both Lily and Grayson are "IVF Babies". They are our miracles. Precious gifts from God, just like Asia is. I am proud and honored to be their mother. As happy as I am my heart still breaks a million times for my friends who are still struggling. I know what they are going through and unless you have grieved the loss of something you never had, it's hard to understand their feelings. I heard "just adopt", "maybe you aren't meant to have more children", "Just take Mine" and so much more. I'd like to include one more link that is so very important. Please check out 25 Things to Say (and Not to Say to Someone Living With Infertility). Though you may think you are being helpful with your jokes or certain "advice" you may actually be doing more damage.

To my friends who are still going through this and waiting for your miracle, known that I am here for you. I am praying for you and I love you. 

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Day 11 New Boots and Party Planning Slacker

Today's theme was supposed to be "Wear a scarf as a Belt" day. However, I bought these amazing green rainboots at Marshall's yesterday for only $13.00! So needless to say that they needed to be worn. Of course it's rainy again here so it was pretty much like destiny that I found these beauties!

I picked out one of my favorite dresses and borrowed Asia's green jacket that she got last fall from Forever 21, to tie it all together. The jacket matches the boots almost perfectly! Maybe she'll let me keep it....Hmmmmm.

In other news....Grayson is 10 months old today. This year has flown by so quickly! And with realizing how quickly the year has gone I cant help but to think I'm slacking in the organizing and planning department. With Lily I was on top of everything. Her baby book, holiday planning, pictures and videos for special milestones, etc. Every little detail and schedule was worked out ahead of time. I not only planned out her birthday party 6 months in advance but I designed and handmade her invitations, all of the decorations along with making her cake. It took me months to complete everything. It was perfect.

All I have done for Grayson is the theme. That's it. Sure there's a Pinterest board dedicated to the the theme but what good does that do if nothing has been set in motion? My poor boy. 
I know he won't remember this birthday and it might not seem like a big deal but I don't want him looking back at pictures and think that his sisters always got more than him. So I have a new mission for the next few weeks and that is to get everything together for his party. Grayson Party Planning mode will be in full effect tomorrow. I need to narrow down the date of his party, the guest list, look at invites and decide on which ones to order by tomorrow night. 
Wish me luck!

Friday, April 21, 2017

Day 10 and "I only came in to buy...."

Day 10:
"Plain Top and Pearls" was an easy reminder that adding a statement necklace to any ordinary top immediately dresses up your look. As large as this pearl multi-strand necklace is, it never got in the way of my normal daily activities. This is yet another item in my closet that I had set aside for special occasions. I literally had to wipe dust off of it before putting it on! I don't see that happening again though. I will be bringing this baby out anytime I'm dressed down for a quick little outfit boost!
Now, I started searching different stores to find some fun necklaces for you all, but you know what? I just couldn't find anything that was spectacular enough. I went to Etsy and searched "multi-strand necklace" and so many amazing pieces popped up! So no link today but I highly suggest that if you are looking for an amazing and uniquely gorgeous piece, to head on over to Etsy!

And on to the second lart of this post....
Anyone else have an itsy bitsy problem when they go into Marshall's, TjMaxx or  Homegoods? By problem I mean "I only came in here to buy a picture frame and oh my gosh, are those boots on clearance?!" Does this happen to you?

I could spend hours and hours in these stores! I could redecorate every room in my house multiple times! It's like a treasure hunt. Aisles and aisles of awesomeness. You need shoes? Check. Pillows? Check. Random spices? Check check. How about a make up organizer, a dog bed, or a last minute birthday present? It's there! It's almost as bad as going into Target. What is it about these stores that makes you want to buy everything?
Above is today's loot. Let's call today's shopping adventure "Fun Find Friday"! That makes it more acceptable, right? I went in for an 8x10 picture frame and this is what happens. I seriously lack self control. However I'm going to go ahead and give myself a high five. I did walk past all the clothing. Didn't even stop and glance at anything! **Woman's clothing that is...I did buy my littlest his first Polo shirt 😉

Thursday, April 20, 2017

Day 9: April Showers Bring May....

Rainy day here but I won't let that stop me from wearing this adorable off the shoulder flower shirt! "Flowers" is today's theme and the vibe of this shirt is perfect to brighten up such a cloudy gloomy day!

Paired with cuffed white skinny jeans, brown wedges and a simple blush and gold necklace, this outfit would be perfect for lunch with friends or even a dinner date with the hubby! 

Though this look is perfect for going out you could easily wear it with flats or sandals and a denim jacket to make it a little more casual! 

You can find similar shirts HERE, at Francesca's or HERE at

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Day 7 and 8!

I stood in my closet for about 15 minutes trying to decide which "old shirt" to wear. I was under the impression that my list of daily ideas would make getting dressed easier. Today it just made me realize that I should probably just donate most of my older or unused tops. It also made me realize that I need to completely redo and reorganize my closet. I have such an attachment to all these clothes. And I really, really don't need them. I have to learn to let go of some things. I didn't have much growing up and ever since I started working at 16 I have had a hard time letting go of things. Yesterday afternoon, and the reason why I didn't post, is that ended up going through about half my closet. So far I have two large bags of clothes and a bag of shoes to donate. I have many more bags that should be filled by the end of the week.

The purple lace shirt, was my "old shirt" for yesterday. I have only worn this shirt twice. If I remember correctly I had bought it for Thanksgiving dinner and then that's it. I love this shirt. It's so delicate and feminine and definitely in style right now. Grayson kept pulling at the lace though so I only ended up wearing it for about two hours.
By pairing this dressier top with good old blue jeggings and blush colored flats I felt more comfortable wearing the top. Hopefully it won't be too long before I can wear it again! You can find a similar top HERE, at Francesca's! It's almost exactly the same style!
Today is "Wear a Blazer" day. I bought this amazing blazer a few weeks back at Old Navy. Blazers are the perfect alternative to jackets. This one is full of stretch so I can easily push up the sleeves. You can find it HERE.

Hope everyone has a great day! See you tomorrow!!

Monday, April 17, 2017

Day 6: Kimono

Kept it simple today with denim shorts and a plain white tee because I knew I wanted to steal Asia's Kimono! I've been wanting to borrow this for awhile. Originally I was planning to try and make this into a Boho look but wasn't really feeling boho-ish when I went to do my makeup. Overall I think it's cute however I think different shoes would have been better. Maybe my Converse?

All three kids and I went to NH today to visit my brother (in the picture above) and his awesome girlfriend. Pretty sure I want to get my motorcycle license this summer. My husband and quite a few friends and relatives have their's. Might be nice to join them. brother joked that my bangs were because I was having a mid life crisis. I think getting a motorcycle would definitely top bangs for a mid life crisis!

Forever 21 has so many different kimonos to choose from! I couldn'tjust pick one to show you. So HERE you go. Hopefully you can find one that you like!